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Tax Investigation
A tax investigation should not be looked upon as something to be frightened of and should be taken as a routine audit of your records submitted for the purpose of taxation. However the more intense and in-depth the investigation gets may suggest that an error has been discovered. HMRC will originate the investigation and they will have to show and prove to themselves and to you whether a genuine error has been made or there is a fixed plan to deceive and avoid the payment of tax.
Should HMRC proceed to take actions against you and start a major investigation and or decide to take you to court you must first ask yourself why?

Should you not be able to come up with an answer then call our team on 0203 1500 560 and we will gladly examine the facts for you and provide you with an answer.

It is HMRC’s duty and aim to be compliant with the tax laws and regulations which fall under their remit and as such they have the power to bring to justice any person or business that is not compliant to the same.

If you feel that HMRC have not acted in accordance to their declaration and or you feel unjustly treated by HMRC then let us hear your case and we will decide if we can or will act in your defense against HMRC.

First please read the HMRC statements:

HMRC's aim is to secure the highest level of compliance with the law and regulations governing direct and indirect taxes and other regimes for which they are responsible. Criminal investigation, with a view to prosecution by the Revenue and Customs Prosecutions Office (RCPO) in England and Wales – or the appropriate prosecuting authority in Scotland and Northern Ireland, is an important part of HMRC's overall enforcement strategy.

It is HMRC's policy to deal with fraud by use of the cost effective Civil Investigation of Fraud (CIF) procedures, wherever appropriate. Criminal Investigation will be reserved for cases where HMRC needs to send a strong deterrent message or where the conduct involved is such that only a criminal sanction is appropriate.

However, HMRC reserves complete discretion to conduct a criminal investigation in any case and to carry out these investigations across a range of offences and in all the areas for which the Commissioners of HMRC have responsibility.

HMRC will take action against you if they believe you are guilty of tax evasion, if you fail to file, or you are making false statements regarding your declaration of tax.

HMRC will often lead an investigation after they have communicated with you to hear your side of the story. You might have been totally unaware that you had made an error and you are willing to assist them to correct those errors. If you have not made an error and you feel that HMRC have their facts incorrect then please call us. The first thing we will instruct you to do is to let us communicate with HMRC with your authorisation. HMRC will usually allow us to put our client’s case to them and delay proceedings.

An investigation can be a large disturbing and unpleasant examination of your tax affairs. HMRC have the powers to request all forms of business transactions and can demand access to business premises and records including computers. If these procedures are not managed carefully they can lead to substantial cost and or loss of business which in turn will cost you. We will always advise you to comply with your obligations to assist HMRC but at the same time ensure that HMRC is only given access to the material it is entitled to, and to enure that this does not disrupt your business.

A tax investigation can be a simple verification visit by the HMRC or something much more serious. Routine verification of VAT, PAYE, Self assesment and Corporation Tax can be minor events and should not nornally take a great deal of time. If the matter is more serious, however, you are likely to need legal assistance or very good advice.

Atex Business Solutions will, with your instructions assist you in all these matters.
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