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Understanding taxes and meeting your taxation obligations can save you money.

If you are generating an income you will have to declare it. Not declaring your income can cause you problems and more importantly cost you money at a later stage.

Do you have to pay tax on that income and if so how much is where we come in?

However you generate income from a profession or trade to selling on-line you have to declare it, if you receive monies for caring for another person you have to declare it, if you receive monies for renting a property you have to declare it.

All your business transactions have to be declared and calculated to comprise what is liable for taxation.

A Limited entity is subject to Corporation tax and possible other taxes such as Capital gains tax.
The self employed/sole trader is treated slightly different but still has to account and calculate what is liable to tax, when necessary account for capital gains.

We can provide help with completing your tax return, and we can submit it online. Having this done correctly and on time you can avoid the hefty penalties that HMRC can impose.

We hold a recognised registration number with HMRC as Tax Practitioners and are proud to act for a variety of clients who have benefited from us effectively filing their tax returns every year.

We regularly attend HMRC seminars and workshops to ensure that the very best advice is always at hand to you.

Many of our clients are builders and we are quite aware of the intricacies that CIS present, with our wealth of experience we will complete your SA100 (tax return) and where appropriate ensure that your tax rebate is obtained.

Couriers, Nannies, Child Minders, Landlords and ministers of religion are also expected to complete a tax return.

A 64-8 form is required by HMRC to show that we (The Agent) have your approval to act on your behalf and deal directly with HRMC.

We will then prepare your tax return and file your tax return online directly to HMRC.

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