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Company Formations
Our team are experienced in company formation and we can provide new companies at a highly competitive price. We can form a completely new company with your choice of name (subject to the approval of the Registrar), and your required authorized share capital. Companies House will allow you to use a standard Memorandum and Articles of Association with a wide authorization, or you can create your own specialised version.

Please see below for Frequently Asked Questions regarding company formations

What is a Limited Company?

A limited company is a company that limits the personal liability of its members.
A legal entity setup for the purposes of carrying out business as proposed in their agreed objectives. In case of a private liability company the people who combine to form the company normal act as the directors and secretary and so are responsible for managing the company. They can also be shareholders, each taking an agreed proportion of the shares. The company is treated as a separate legal entity in law. It can carry on business, enter into contracts, own property and assets and incur liabilities.
The company will continue in existence until its members voluntarily liquidate it or are forced into liquidation by its creditors. It can also be dissolved.

What are Directors, Secretaries and Shareholders?

The directors and secretary (or officers), manage the company. The shareholders (or members) own the company. A private company can have a sole director. Where there is more than one director, one of the directors may act as secretary. There must be at least one shareholder who take at least one share.

What is Authorised Shared Capital?

This is only a nominal value for convenience of distribution of shares. Your company can be formed with a nominal capital of £100.00 divided into 100 ordinary shares of £1 each. This should be adequate for most purposes, but it can be increased at any time.

What is a Registered Office?

Every company must have a Registered Office in the country of its incorporation where notices can be served. This need not be the primary place of business. This is the “legal” address of the company, and the only address listed at Companies House, regardless of the size of the company. Any legal notices or tax notices must be served on the Company at its Registered Office.
A Nameplate displaying the company’s name should be displayed at the Registered Office. We can act as your Registered Office if instructed.

What are Companies main objects?

The objects of the company and its rules of conduct are set out in the Memorandum and Articles of Association. The Memorandum and Articles of Association of the company are very important as they form the legal basis on which your company is built and govern the trade and conduct of the company. However, if you require a specially drafted objects and clauses we can supply this.