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Bookkeeping & Accounts
Most small business owners generally find accountants are usually too expensive for the services they provide. Until now it's one of those things people have had to tolerate.

Finding good value is difficult these days, especially when it comes to professional services such as small business accounting.

Your company is required to maintain a full set of Accounts (a record of all business transactions)

The current law allows Atex Business Solutions to perform these duties for companies whose turnover is 5 million or less.

An automatic saving compared with the big name Accounts firm.

We will perform general bookkeeping and accounting duties. Maintain a complete set of financial records, keep track of accounts and verify the accuracy of procedures used for recording financial transactions. Perform a variety of duties. Prepare, control, balance and check various accounts using standard bookkeeping and accountancy methods. We will enter daily financial transactions in a journal. We will maintain general ledgers recording the status of various accounts and make sure that all the accounts balance. We will also balance the ledgers and prepare financial statements.

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